Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands

Yerba mate is traditionally made from the naturally caffeinated and vitamin enriched leaves of the South American rain forest. For centuries, ancient South American have taken advantage of this rejuvenating healthy drink. Yerba mate provides incredible focus, energy, and nourishment. Yerba Mate has the “feel good of chocolate, the nutrients of tea, and the energy of coffee” all in one drink. Check out these Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands below.

1. Cruz De Malta

Cruz De Malta - Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands

Cruz De Malta has a smoky, sweet, woodsy, and earthy characteristics. This brand is very well-balanced, and the taste is on the smoky side. This may be a little “too much” for someone new to yerba mate. However, most beginners will love this brand. Tim Ferriss highly recommends Cruz De Malta and uses it daily as his preferred brand. Tim Ferriss attributes yerba mate to enhancing his “biochemistry and creative writing”.

This traditional cut is 100% natural and processed free of chemicals. It is a staple in Argentina and one of the most popular yerba mate’s worldwide. If I had to choose one brand of yerba mate, it would be this one. You’re almost guaranteed to love this brand, especially if you are an intermediate drinker. Cruz De Malta contains almost little to no bitterness.

Flavor Notes: Smokey. Tobacco. Earthy. Woodsy. Buttery. Nutty. Syrupy.

Recommended for: Beginner – intermediate yerba mate drinker. If you’re looking for a well-rounded drink that gives you a good amount of energy.

Not recommended for: Beginners that might not appreciate the stronger smoke and tobacco notes.

2. Rosamonte Traditional & Selección Especial

Rosamonte - Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands

Rosamonte is one of the most sold yerba mate brands in Argentina. This brand is commonly seen in the office. Why? Because it’s loaded with caffeine! See my Yerba Mate Caffeine Guide for more info. Rosamonte has a strong, coffee-like flavor, making it a great choice for people trying to quit or cut down their coffee intake. Its bold character has scared away many novice drinkers, but advanced drinkers will appreciate the complexity of this brand.

The Selección Especial version is smoked and dried for 12-18 months. During this aging process, this yerba mate inherits its deep characteristic strength and flavor. For a milder version, stick with the traditional cut. If you’re a beginner and insist on trying this brand, I recommend adding a little bit of honey or stevia to take the edge off.

Flavor Notes: Bitter. Smokey. Chocolate. Sour. Tobacco. Leather. Floral. Buttery. Creamy.

Recommended For: Advanced yerba mate drinkers who are looking for a complex drink with a strong kick. Anyone looking to replace their coffee.

Not Recommended For: Beginners.

3. Taragui Traditional and Pure Leaf

Taragui - Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands

Taragui is another popular brand in Argentina. This brand is considered the Coca Cola of yerba mate. It is found everywhere and is relatively cheap. This is an all-around average brand, which makes it an ideal brand for the masses. Taragui is a great brand if you’re new to drinking yerba mate. Despite the average ho hum taste, it gives you a great boost of energy and focus to start your day. This mate is known to keep its flavor and strength cup after cup (doesn’t get as watery) compared to other brands.

Taragui comes in two different varieties. Traditional and pure leaf. I have found the pure leaf variety to be a little stronger in flavor and in energy. The pure leaf makes this yerba mate an easy choice for the coffee maker or French press.

Flavor Notes: Smoke. Lemon. Earthy. Rubber. Simple.

Recommended For: Traditionalists who wants a well-rounded flavor with a big energy boost.
Not Recommended For: Beginners who are sensitive to caffeine.

4. Organic Guayaki Traditional

Guayaki - Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands

A very popular brand in North America. Guayaki is organic, Kosher, and rain-forest friendly. They take sustainability sourced mate to the next level by using carbon subtracting processes and recycled supplies. The flavor is mellow, with a nice nutty flavor. I recommend this as the #1 brand for beginner yerba mate drinkers. This brand is less bitter, weaker, and has less acid compared to other brands. They offer traditional cut and tea bags. Overall, Guayaki is a great choice if you’re looking for a delicious, top quality brand. I use this brand when I make my delicious cacao Crio-Mate.

Flavor Notes: Nutty. Full Body. Earthy.

Recommended For: This brand ranked #1 in our Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands for beginners! If you’re looking for a well-rounded flavor with a descent boost of energy. Organic, Kosher, and rainforest friendly.

Not Recommended For: If you’re looking for a smoky, complex brand of yerba mate.

5. Mate Factor

Mate Factor - Top 5 Yerba Mate Brands

Mate Factor offers a variety of flavors, and they all offer a pretty good kick. They don’t smoke or age their leaves, leaving you with fresh green yerba mate in its most natural form. This Brazilian grown mate is becoming very popular in Canada and North America. Mate Factor is highly recommended for beginner drinker as the flavor is not overbearing or smoky.

Flavor Notes: Earthy. Slightly Tangy. Sweet. Fresh.

Recommended For: Beginners looking for a fresh, easy to drink yerba mate.
Not Recommended For: If you’re looking for a complex smoky flavor.